• Cai, Jie
  • Cheng, Yi
  • Gao, Baoli
  • Hu, Wenyao
  • Iris Teng
  • Li, Huimin
  • Li, Jing
  • Li, Ran
  • Qi, Zhigang
  • Feng, Rae
  • Wang, Liping
  • Wang, Xin
  • Yang, Xuedan
  • Yuan, Honglei
  • Janice Zhang Guenot


  • Liu, Yan
  • Ma, Weiwei
  • Shelly Xia
  • Sun, We
  • Wang, LiAn
  • Xiao, Wen
  • Yang, Ziwei
  • Zeng, Yan
  • Zhu, Guidong
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Cai, Jie

Dr. Jie Cai moved to the greater Philadelphia area with her family in 2004 and joined the MLCCC community in 2006. She enjoyed the rich programs and the generous members of the MLCCC in the past years. Her two kids also studied at the MLCCC between 2006-2018.

Since 1997, when she graduated from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, Dr. Cai has worked with students directly in/outside the classroom, and participated actively in coordinating educational resources. Since 2008, her teaching started focusing primarily on Chinese Language and Culture at the secondary and post-secondary education levels. Over the years, she has remained as active member at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). She is committed to being a constant learner, and enjoys fostering 21 century skills alongside her students, such as: critical thinking; creativity; collaboration; communication; information literacy; media literacy; technology literacy; flexibility; leadership; initiative; productivity; and social skills. Yes, believe it, Dr. Cai’s classroom can have them all! In sharing Chinese language and culture, it is her objective to improve cross-cultural understanding and to enrich everyone’s life that she reaches. In addition to teaching at the MLCCC weekend school, she is currently an adjunct professor at the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures at the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware.

A wife, a mom, a gardener, a writer, a teacher, Dr. Cai resides at Glenmoore with her husband and two children.

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